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Day Hikes Dec 28, 2019 | Weekly And Monthly

Hiking In And Around Kathmandu Valley

The outlying hills of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal offers any meandering souls with ample of choices regarding hike and walk. For visitors who have less time frame in Nepal with them and want to take a course or hiking around Kathmandu Valley enjoying the Local villages and natural green hills, one-day hikes are most suitable for them. It is well-known that Kathmandu is a beautiful valley surrounded by green hillocks and authentic rustic villages. Rest Assured! Take a chance to explore around Kathmandu with your limited time limits.

When it comes to destinations around the valley accompanied by the astonishing mountains views the circular periphery boasts climbing big hills and mostly sought hiking hubs. Few mandatory places are Champadevi, Nagarkot, Chisapani, Kakani, Champadevi, Shivapuri, Jamaacho, Phulchoki, Changunarayan, Dhulikhel, Panauti, Bethanchwok, Laakuri Bhanjhyang, and Bhaktapur.

1. Hike for Nepal:
                 Hike For Nepal (HFN) is an initiative pioneered by young and zealot tourism entrepreneurs and stakeholders in order to resurrect Nepalese Tourism after the devastating tremor of 2015.  Most importantly, HFN is actively working on fortnightly charity hikes in and around the valley which also accumulate supports for earthquake sufferers i.e. communities and schools which in turns inspires people in regular hiking. Also, we can see them organizing weekend gateways on the special occasions which indulges 2 days and one night. 

                                                                         For more details, Contact HFN


2. Hike for Life:

             Hike for Life is another campaign initiated as the national voice especially for Kathmandu -based hikers. Hike for Life strives to promote as well as protect nature also by sharing hiking experiences. It is also capital-based weekly hiking. 

                                              For price, timings, and route, you can contact them.

3. Hike for Help:
                    Hike for Help is a non-profit organization established in 2011, focused on implementing self-sustaining service projects in impoverished regions of Nepal. With this goal in mind, Hike for Help coordinates cultural treks to the Khumbu valley to provide support for local villages in their pursuit of development. 

Our organization focuses on strengthening existing industry in Nepal, using local resources and labor to execute projects, as opposed to foreign labor and materials. Volunteer treks are designed to provide skills and education that would otherwise be inaccessible to the people in the Khumbu region.

Such skills include training in computer literacy and working with school teachers to give English lessons to students. 

                                                                     For more details, please check this link.


4. Hike by Travelling Nepal Tips:

                 Travelling Nepal Tips is a social media tips campaign which organizes monthly hiking (First Saturday of Nepali Month) to different trails around Kathmandu valley with the theme of #hikeonceamonth which means at least one hike in a month or dozens of Hike in a year out of 365 days. month We generally choose hidden trails which are yet to be discovered and need more exploration. Passing by villages, walking under the forest, and the spectacular valley and mountain views will definitely give the pleasure of walking in a group to any wandering hearts.

                  Moreover, as the name implied, TNT attempts to share travel stories, experience & most essentially TIPS while traveling, hiking and trekking in Nepal also promoting the internal & external tourism.

                                                   For more details, connect Travelling Nepal Tips.


5. Let’s Hike:

          Let’s Hike themed with the motto “Better Environment for Better Tourism” is a hiking agency established on 27th January 2018 Tourism.” It’s a small step for the promotion of Nepal Tourism all over the world. 

In addition to that, it is a platform where numbers of hikers from all walks of life with different ethnic groups can spend their valuable time with good company. Let's Hike believes that ‘As we all need to be refreshed and free from our daily work pressure, business meetings, so it is needed for all humans to free from the crowd and spend their time in a peaceful environment with friends, circles, loved ones and family members.'  

                                                               For more details, go through the link


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