Holi – The Festival of Colors in Nepal

Holi – The Festival of Colors in Nepal Mar 20, 2019 | 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM (Every Year)

Holi, the festival of colors, marks of spring fete also known as the festival of love and hues. 

 When is Holi? 
      This year Holi fest is on March 20 & 21, 2019. That is on Chaitra 6 & 7 of 2075 as per Bikram Sambat Calendar. Collaborating with the temperature, it welcomes the Spring and Summer. When it comes to the religious aspect, it is observed for blessings of God for coming harvests and fertility of the land. Primarily in Nepal, this festival of joys and tint is celebrated in most South Asian countries.
      In fact, Holi is the night of Falgun Krishna Chaturdasi but the commemoration commences from the very next day on Purnima. It is the festival of colors, friendships, ecstasy, and love.  

      In addition to that, Holi is one of the famous festivals celebrated around Nepal and India. Mainly it is observed by Hindu and Sikh as well as some other religions. As there is no restriction and boundary to celebrate the Holi festival. People of Hilly areas will observe on the 20th of March this year whereas the celebration will be held on 21st in the Terai region.

 How is Holi celebrated?  
       Holi generally starts one week before the main day of Holi. In Basantapur Durbar Square, as a tradition, a long bamboo stick (lingo) covered with pieces of different color cloths (Chir) is erected. And that very lingo is taken down in the eve of Holi whereas Chir is burnt. Holi is celebrated with colors, water,  music, and sweets.
       Also, we can see people generally children make/buy Pichkari (water guns) out of bamboo so that they can pump or throw colored water. Bitter but truth nowadays balloons, plastics and plastic water guns (Pichkari) are used. The balloon loaded water inside it called Lola in Nepali. Throwing Lola is what kids find pleasant during the fest, which is quite bad.  

Religious Significance
      According to one, Holi is a fest to celebrate the death of demoness named Holika, and hence the name Holi. On the flip side, it is to celebrate Lord Ram's return to Ayodhya after his colossal victory over the 10-headed King Ravan of Sri Lanka who had abducted Sita, Ram's wife. It marks the triumph of goodwill.  

Best Places to experience Holi in Nepal? 
      If you are in Kathmandu the bustling streets of Thamel, New road and Durbar Square are the best places. On this merrymaking day, Durbar square will be absolutely packed with revelers whereas the small streets of Capital are filled with kids looking to sneak up with Lolas, water-guns, and balloons. Lakeside Road is the perfect venue if you are in Pokhara.  And even if you are trails in some remote corners and untouched regions you will still find locals enjoying with hues and shades. No worries! :)  entire country will experience incredible jollification in Holi. 

     Summing up, Holi is all about colors, relatives and cheerfulness. If you are planning a trip to Nepal it’s worth taking part in this merrymaking carnival. Brace yourselves! Nepal Calls You would like to invite as well as extend our good words on the auspicious occasion of Holi festival. 


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